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Sep 2018 - Oct 2016

Landowner cooperation crucial to extending rural coverage

Gareth Elliott, Head of Policy and Communications at Mobile UK, comments on the necessity of landowner cooperation and the revised Electronic Communications Code to expand rural coverage and connectivity.
27th Jun 2018

Mobile UK and National Parks England Announce new agreement to enhance connectivity and protect beauty

Mobile UK and National Parks England have come together to announce a landmark agreement that seeks to assist the deployment of mobile infrastructure while respecting the beauty and sensitivity of the nation’s national parks.
21st Jun 2018

North Yorkshire County Council announce new innovative partnership with LEP to improve mobile coverage

Mobile UK welcomes the innovative approach taken by North Yorkshire County Council and the East Riding Enterprise Partnership to invest £1m in new mobile infrastructure and build new relationships with the four major mobile operators.
13th Jun 2018

Mobile UK calls on Government to ensure that mobile connectivity is considered on par with other forms of digital connectivity within the National Planning Policy Framework

Mobile UK submits its response to the Government's Draft revised National Planning Policy framework and calls for equal parity between mobile and other forms of digital connectivity.
10th May 2018

Mobile UK urges greater use of public assets in response to Coast to Capital consultation on its Strategic Economic Plan

Mobile UK responds to the Coast to Capital LEP’s consultation on its strategic economic plan.
23rd Mar 2018

Mobile UK and North Yorkshire County Council meet to explore ways to expand coverage

Mobile UK and North Yorkshire County Council met via an innovative roundtable session to discuss options and to explore barriers to extending mobile coverage across the County.
1st Mar 2018

Mobile UK welcomes Government accord with the Church of England to use its buildings to improve mobile coverage

Church spires across the UK will be used to boost digital connectivity in rural areas following an agreement between the Government and the Church of England.
19th Feb 2018

The mobile industry needs a certain and predictable framework: Mobile UK’s response to the Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review

It is essential that the Government commits itself to providing a more sophisticated approach to telecommunications policy that not only joins up government departments but also clearly sets out a long-term framework that incentivises private investment.
30th Jan 2018

Mobile UK encouraged by Norfolk County Council’s new mobile initiative

Mobile UK and our four operators attended Norfolk County Council’s Digital Innovation and Efficiency Committee to discuss options put forward by the authority to better engage the industry and open up public sites to boost connectivity.
22nd Jan 2018

Mobile UK responds to National Infrastructure Commission with warning that further reform is required to ensure the UK is ready for 5G

In responding to the National Infrastructure Commission’s National Infrastructure Assessment Congestion, Carbon, Capacity: Priorities for National Infrastructure Mobile UK has warned that the current regulatory and planning framework and the multitude of actors involved in the delivery of mobile networks is not adequate for the effective delivery of mobile infrastructure.
12th Jan 2018

Mobile UK welcomes OFCOM’s new Code of Best Practice for the Electronic Communications Code

Mobile UK welcomes the new Code of Best Practice. The ECC is an important foundation for the effective roll-out of mobile networks recognising that they are national in nature and vital to the UK economy. In addition, the code makes it easier and more cost-effective to identify sites and install infrastructure and with the new measures in place will add certainty to delivery and make harder to reach areas more viable.
20th Dec 2017

Mobile UK's Gareth Elliott talks to Mobile News Magazine about 5G and the West of England partnership

Mobile UK Head of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott, talks to Mobile News Magazine about the recent Mobile UK partnership with the West of England Combined Authority, 5g, and ongoing barriers to mobile deployment.
19th Dec 2017

Mobile UK announces new partnership with Enterprise M3 LEP

Enterprise M3 LEP and Mobile UK have today announced a new partnership to boost mobile phone coverage across the M3 corridor.
14th Dec 2017

Mobile UK and Mayor working together to realise West of England’s digital ambitions

Mayor Tim Bowles and Mobile UK, the trade body for the UK’s mobile network operators (MNOs), have expressed their commitment to work in collaboration to extend and enhance mobile coverage in the West of England.
12th Dec 2017

ECC: Improved mobile connectivity must be the priority for Electronic Communications Code reforms

Hamish MacLeod, Director of Mobile UK, comments on the forthcoming commencement of the new Electronic Communications Code.
30th Nov 2017

Mobile UK: Offer of reform adds promise to Government's Industrial Strategy

Head of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott, comments on the publication of the Government's Industrial Strategy White Paper.
27th Nov 2017

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mayor, James Palmer, backing #BuildingMobileBritain

Mobile UK and the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, James Palmer, met to discuss mobile coverage and agreed to work together to look for practical solutions.
23th Nov 2017

Budget Response: Progress but more action required to unlock full digital connectivity

Mobile UK Head of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott, reacts to the 2017 Autumn Budget.
22nd Nov 2017

Mobile UK Budget Submission: Parity with Fixed Broadband

Ahead of the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget on 22nd November 2017, Mobile UK is urging the Chancellor to ensure fiscal parity towards the deployment of all telecommunications equipment.
22nd Nov 2017

Pioneering partnership to boost mobile connectivity in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) and Mobile UK, the trade body for the UK’s mobile network operators (MNOs), have announced a new partnership to promote essential mobile infrastructure deployment across the Greater Manchester region.
21st Nov 2017

Mobile UK Briefing: Treasury Select Committee - Work of the National Infrastructure Commission

Download Mobile UK’s parliamentary briefing note to the Treasury Select Committee on the work of the National Infrastructure Commission. In this briefing Mobile UK outlines its support for the NIC’s assertion that further legislative reform is needed to support mobile infrastructure deployment.
7th Nov 2017

Electronic Communications Code Important Piece of the Puzzle to Enable Mobile Deployment

The Electronic Communications Code is an important piece of the puzzle that will help mobile operators to overcome the challenges they face with expanding their networks. Good mobile connectivity is no longer an optional extra; it is essential infrastructure as core to modern economic activity as broadband, electricity and other essential services.
18th Oct 2017

Mobile UK welcomes the National Infrastructure Commission’s consultation on the priorities for national infrastructure

Mobile UK states that the report correctly identifies the timely need for further legislative reform to support mobile infrastructure, especially in removing barriers to the planning process.
13th Oct 2017

Update: Welsh Mobile Action Plan is Step in the Right Direction

“Mobile UK is pleased to see the publication of the Welsh Government's Mobile Action Plan, which rightly recognises the urgent need for reform and identifies barriers to effective deployment of mobile infrastructure.”
5th Oct 2017

Mobile UK comments on Welsh Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee report on Digital Infrastructure

Mobile UK welcomes the Welsh Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee’s report as it brings renewed focus on the need for urgent action without which risks Wales falling further behind other areas of the UK.
19th Sep 2017

Planning Cannot Continue to Lead Cuts at the Expense of Other Departments

Gareth Elliott writes that it is critical to the mobile industry that there is an effective planning policy and efficient planning regime which is well resourced to enable and be flexible to mobile infrastructure deployment.
6th Sep 2017

Mobile UK launches new campaign -  Building Mobile Britain

Mobile UK is announces the launch of its latest campaign, Building Mobile Britain.
4th Sep 2017

Mobile UK responds to statement by Wales Office Minister Guto Bebb at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show.

Mobile UK welcomes today’s speech by the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales, which acknowledges the importance of good mobile connectivity for local and rural economies.
25th Jul 2017

Mobile UK welcomes Government announcement on digital connectivity

Mobile UK welcomes the Government’s announcement today that it will bring into force measures to improve digital connectivity across the UK and in particular the commencement of the new Electronic Communications Code. The Code is an important element of the Digital Economy Act that is expected to assist operators to develop and deploy new infrastructure.
17th Jul 2017

Mobile UK welcomes inclusion of Digital in DCMS departmental title

Mobile connectivity is critical to the UK’s economy and forms part of the nation’s critical infrastructure. Renaming the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to include Digital in its title is welcome recognition of the importance of the digital and mobile sectors.
3rd Jul 2017

Ofcom report on consumer mobile experience highlights continued high satisfaction levels for mobile

On June 16 2017 Ofcom released its initial results of its Consumer Mobile Experience report which is designed to measure the consumer experience of using mobile services. The report highlights continued high satisfaction levels with almost seven in ten users (69%) happy with their overall service.
19th Jun 2017

Mobile infrastructure must be at the heart of the Government’s infrastructure and economic policy

In taking the UK out of the European Union one the of the Government’s first priorities must be to ensure that it has in place a credible and long-term plan to invest and deliver the infrastructure the country needs. Only then can it work towards its goal of remaining one of the most connected and competitive countries in the world. Mobile infrastructure must be at the heart of this plan.
15th Jun 2017

Hard-wire mobile connectivity into local and national strategies to bring business benefits

Mobile UK calls on the British Chambers of Commerce and its members to help to continuing reform of the planning system and ensure that mobile infrastructure is considered upfront as part of local and national strategic thinking. Through working in partnership we can together enable fast and effective roll-out of mobile equipment that will give businesses the coverage they require.
11th May 2017

Which? report identifies need for partnership approach with operators to 4G extend mobile coverage

Mobile UK responds to the Which? and OpenSignal report on 4G coverage across the UK.
3rd May 2017

Mobile UK response to the Housing White Paper: Fixing our Broken Housing Market

Mobile UK strongly supports the Government’s proposals, set out in its Housing White Paper, to require local authorities to have planning polices setting out how high quality digital infrastructure will be delivered in their area, and accessible from a range of providers.
2nd May 2017

Industrial Strategy: Mobile connectivity must be at the heart of Government's plans to modernise the UK economy

The Industrial Strategy rightly focusses on digital infrastructure and connectivity and Mobile UK welcomes the Government’s identification that mobile telecoms are part of the nation’s critical economic infrastructure and puts upgrading this infrastructure at its heart.
17th Apr 2017

Mobile UK response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Future of the Scottish Planning System

The planning regime in Scotland must act as an enabler to mobile infrastructure deployment, and be consistent with the policy established for telecommunications which aims to extend mobile coverage the country.
4th Apr 2017

House of Lords Communications Committee: Growing Up with the Internet

Hamish Macleod, Director of Mobile UK, comments on the House of Lord Communications Committee's report 'Growing up with the Internet'.
21st Mar 2017

Government 5G Strategy welcome but current networks must not be forgotten

The publication of the Government’s 5G Strategy is welcome. If the Government wants to build on its Digital Strategy to ensure the UK continues to be a world leader in the digital economy, it must put in place effective foundations to get there.
8th Mar 2017

Mobile UK welcomes the Government’s Digital Strategy

Mobile UK welcomes the Government’s Digital Strategy acknowledging mobile infrastructure as critical to the UK’s economy, and the mobile operators’ role in underpinning a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone.
1st Mar 2017

Mobile UK alerts drivers to DfT’s Think! Mobiles campaign and new fines

MobileUK is calling on all drivers to be aware of an increase in penalties for mobile phone usage while driving.
1st Mar 2017

Mobile UK calls for mobile coverage to be hard-wired into national and local strategic planning

Mobile UK response to the National Infrastructure Commission's National Infrastructure Assessment Call for Evidence
10th Feb 2017

Mobile UK welcomes Welsh Government's drive to create a Mobile Action Plan for Wales

Head of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott, comments on the statement made by the Welsh Minister for Skills and Science announcing her intention to publish a mobile action plan for Wales.
26th Jan 2017

Mobile UK's response to the British Infrastructure Group's report on mobile coverage in the UK

28th Oct 2016